Friday, November 7, 2008

Photo Calendars

The holiday season is upon us. I'm sure most people are now thinking of gifts to give to their family and friends. We all want to give our loved ones the perfect holiday sentiment. I always give Photo Calendars to my relatives. I choose from the many pictures I have from our trips and I feature them in the calendar. I know what you're thinking right now--- the price. There are so many companies out there who will do the job for you but my choice is If you'll check their website you'll be amazed at how affordable their prices are and not to mention their variety of choices that will definitely suit every budget. The custom printed calendars are easy to design and order and if you have a business you can give it to your customers. They're fun, unique and very affordable.

What I'm going to give out for 2009 is the wall calendars. Right now I'm still deciding what design to use. has so many designs and I like them all so this will probably take a lot of brainstorming between me and my husband. The price is $7.99 per photo calendar and this is a very good price.