Friday, August 15, 2008

Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is your special day. The importance of getting a great wedding photographer is something that you should prioritize among other things. Your wedding pictures are your memories that you’ll cherish forever. With so many wedding photography studios it can be a tough decision whom to hire on your most important day. One thing to remember, you need a photographer who can capture the happy memories and memorable scenes of your wedding expressing moods, passions and emotions.

If you’re looking for a wedding photography in Monterey you should contact I have checked his photo gallery and I was blown away by his pictures. Amazing photos. John majored in photographic art in college and you can see it in his pictures whether it’s candid or posed. Equally talented is John’s wife Michonne who’s into fashion and film. With both talents working together you expect nothing but the best. Michonne and John’s photo studio started in 1997 and has grown since then. They’ve won several international awards for their work. Watch out for John and Michonne’s book which will feature prints of their images around the world.

To book your wedding event visit to fill up a form or you can call them at 831.477.9077.