Monday, August 4, 2008

Are You Looking For A Job?

Launched by serial entrepreneurs Jay Lohmann and Will Morgan is a network of 119 city-specific freelance job boards that help small businesses locate freelancers, contractors and temporary employees. As business owners themselves, they can relate to the frustration of small business owners in finding quality freelancers. With small business owners can find local contractors who share the same language, culture, time zone, currency, work style, and work ethic. Not only these, enables the self-employed to easily source, fairly price, and successfully find work and enhance their business through collaboration and cooperation. Small businesses can post freelance jobs. has a good deal for freelancers like the following:
Freedom to target specific cities
Ability to expand categories as business/partnership grows
No contracts, flexible monthly pricing
$4.95 cats, $1.00 sub-cats, $5.00 additional city listings (outside 2-for-1), $75.00 featured profile on 2-for-1 home pages is a powerful online marketing tool for freelancers seeking work, companies looking for independent contractors, businesses that serve the self-employed, and recruiters looking for an new source of full-time candidates.

I found so many jobs on their list of freelance jobs. So if you're looking for a job right now you may want to check it. A profile example is also provided in the website.

So to all freelancers out there if you're looking for a freelance job or freelance work or a temporary employment please check