Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Win 5,000 Gallons Of Gas

Most small businesses are affected by the bad economy. Measures have been laid out to combat soaring prices of energy and food. With scary economic headlines on the news everyday it looks like the economy wont improve soon. Small businesses have no choice but to buckle up. It is a dilemma between keeping customers and keeping the business. Consumers would rather pocket the extra cash and this attitude is definitely affecting small businesses especially those with limited resources. Well guess what, Microsoft Small Business is offering tips for small business owners to bump the slump and a chance to win 5,000 gallons of gas. For more information please read the press release below.


Microsoft Small Business Addresses the Slumping Economy

Gas prices have gone through the roof and are in danger of hitting passing birds. The rise in prices not only affects how high your blood pressure gets when at the gas pump, but it’s making the cost of living and doing business go up and up. Gas prices aren’t solely to blame for the down economy, but they definitely have a huge impact. That’s why Microsoft is giving away 5,000 gallons of gas to one lucky small business. Microsoft is also offering 5 money saving tips that any small business can use in this slumping economy. The chance to win and the tips are available at http://www.bumptheslump.com/.

Although the current downturn isn’t enjoyable, it definitely isn’t all bad news—especially not for small businesses that are uniquely positioned to prosper in these tough times. Because they are more nimble and in-touch with every aspect of their operation, small businesses can cut costs faster and make efficiency changes in a way that much larger business cannot.

With this in mind, Microsoft Small Business wants to help small businesses make the changes necessary to adjust to the current economy and not only survive but thrive. At bumptheslump.com , customers will find a link that can put them in contact with a Microsoft Small Business Specialist who can consult a small business on a number of areas where businesses can cut costs and become more efficient. And while at bumptheslump.com , small businesses should make sure to register for their chance to win 5,000 gallons of gas. Even at 20 mpg, that’s 100,000 miles. It’s the type of prize that literally goes a long way.