Monday, June 30, 2008

Block That Spam

Most of us do our business online from banking to shopping and so much more. Our information is all out there. We disclose our real personal and financial information to websites. How do we protect our information from being stolen or misused?

It is important that we have spam blocker so identity thieves can't access our personal information. A company called Shop Shield protects our personal information, credit card numbers, bank accounts, billing address, email address, and login information.

Furthermore, Shop Shield protects us from email fraud, spam, phishing, and viruses. They have a secure registration. We can create, manage, get a username and password, and get anonymous e-mail addresses for any site for free.

Shop Shield gives us our peace of mind. Hackers and insiders are denied access to customer databases so they can't steal our name, our credit card number, password or even our email address because this information is never entered into the databases of websites where we shop. Some companies sell our information but with Shop Shield it will never happen because we remain anonymous and our information is secure.

When we're online Shop Shield is the best way to protect our information. Please visit their site for more details.