Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Finally, A Place For My Dog

I always tell my friends and family that my dog Trickle (a beagle) is almost human. We got him a year after my son and I got here in the US. Since then our lives were never the same again. Trickle became the center of our affection. It’s amazing to see the bond between him and my son Antonio; they are like brothers. Trickle has his own little corner to sleep but he prefers to sleep with us in the family room which we don’t mind.

Well before I get carried away (which I think I was) about my dog, let me tell you something about Anamigo.com. It's basically a "pet portal" where pet lovers like me can show off their pets by uploading photos and videos and in the process make friends for yourself and your pets. Pet care professionals and veterinarians share their expert analysis at Anamigo.com.

Signing up is free so be a member now. Trickle will see you there! Look for him at Anamigo.com community pet photos. He will be there soon.