Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Capital Gains Taxes

I found this press release on that is very helpful for people who own highly appreciated assets like real estate or a business. As of October 2006 the IRS ruled that the PAT or private annuity trust is no longer a valid capital gains tax deferral method. Asset Exchange Strategies has developed a new strategy called the Self Directed Installment Sale or SDIS to replace the PAT. You can also check out

Please read the following news article for more information.

Asset Exchange Strategies Announces New Capital Gains Referral Strategy

Written by Daniel Cordoba

Leander, Texas – March 6, 2008- Asset Exchange Strategies has recently released its newest product referred to as the Self Directed Installment Sale (SDIS). This strategy was developed to replace the private annuity trust which was used by clients who needed to defer capital gains taxes on highly appreciated assets.

Clients who own highly appreciated assets such as real estate or a business interest are faced with capital gains taxes. The SDIS strategy allows clients to defer taxes on the sale of a highly appreciated asset with out the risk associated with a traditional installment sale.

The deferral of taxes allows for the compounding of the monies over a client defined time period, which in return allows the client to enjoy more money with lower risk.Asset Exchange Group, LLCAEG is recognized as the leading self-directed IRA advisory firm in the nation. AEG has also positioned itself to be a market share leader for Self-Directed IRA LLC’s and will soon capture a dominant portion of the self-directed 401k market.

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