Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beautiful Nails

Clean nails for me means good grooming. Most women use nail polish to make their nails look attractive and clean. When I was still in the Philippines I had my nails manicured every weekend. My neighbor who is really good in it was the one who had my nails done. She always had lots of customers especially during the weekend because she was really good on what she does. She knows everybody's favorite nail polish. I always go for skin tone colors like tan, beige, and all shades of brown or anything that will complement the color of my skin.

Now that I'm in the US I still have my nails done but I do it myself. Going to the salon every weekend can get very expensive so to save myself some money I decided to do it on my own. There are many nail polish that you can buy from the store but I get mine from They have over 3,000 nail polish in stock. That's amazing! They also carry the hottest nail accessories. You can get your manicure and pedicure needs at their online store in just one shopping. You don't have to get them from different stores.

The nail color in the picture is my favorite. It's very pretty!