Friday, October 24, 2008

From Milk To Noodles

Just a month ago the world was gripped with fear over China's contaminated milk which put the Asian's country safety procedures into question. Over 13,000 children were affected by the toxic milk powder containing melamine which is normally used for plastics.

Today Japan is recalling 500,000 cup noodles over fear of insecticide contamination. A chemical called paradichlorobenzene was discovered by Japan health officials when they inspected the cup noodles made by Japan Nissin Food Product Company. Paradichlorobenzene is a key chemical in bug repellent.


Gina said...

uhuh..what's going on..isa pa yan nakadagdag sa kris..whew..

Francesca said...

Hi, thats bad news nga, na we cannot anymore safe on what we are eating...
Haay, saging na lang ata ang safe to eat these days, or better not to eat na lang, haha.

Siya, im in spain at the moment, di pa maginaw, 24° lang, gaya sa pinas, hopefully malayo pa winter!!!