Friday, September 12, 2008

Like Mother, Like Son

Antonio always reminds me of my early years in school. He's well-groomed and very conscious of what he wears and I was exactly like him when I was still in school. In a way it's good that he wants to look good all the time but it can be expensive since he doesn't want to wear the same clothes for a few months in a row. Whoever said that boys (or men) are not vain was wrong. I have a living proof.

Let's go now to his school stuff. He tries his best not to lose them but once in a while he loses a pencil eraser or sharpener. I don't really worry about them because those stuff are cheap but if it happens all the time then I'm making Staples even richer. It's very common that some kids have the same color and style of school materials and this can lead to things being mixed-up. I find it very important to use color labels to avoid things from being lost. I actually bought a bunch of folders so I can organize all Antonio's paper works. I labeled them all using the Personal Label Maker Letra Tag Plus LT-100T from Dymo. Hey, if I can save money this way then why not use it, right?