Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting Organized

When it comes to organizing, I need all the help that I can get especially with Antonio's school stuff.

You won't believe how many school stuff my son lost in school. Most of the time a classmate would find them and return it to him. My husband always reminds me before the school starts to label everything but I keep on forgetting it which is not good. It costs me money everytime my son loses something because I have to buy it again.

A friend has told me about Dymo label maker. This product will really be helpful to us. I'll make sure I label everything including Antonio's lunch box, gym clothes and books. He had so many paper works from last year and they're just piled in one corner. I bought some folders yesterday and the DYMO Labelmaker will come in handy when I organize them. You wouldn't believe that I still have Antonio's paper works since pre-school. I need a lot of time in organizing them.

I can also use this DYMO labelmaker at home. I can use it in labeling some kitchen stuff and also some important documents in our file cabinet. If you need to be organized this product is really a must for you to have.