Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Don't Be The Next Victim

When we shop online we gave out everything identity thieves want to know; our credit card numbers, bank accounts, billing address, email address, login information, telephone numbers…and sometimes our social security numbers. That makes us a perfect victim for online threats like phishing, spyware and hackers. Our lives will never be the same again once our personal information is accidentally disclosed or deliberately stolen.

Identity theft is serious. Not everyone can resolve their problems quickly; most spend years and hundreds of money reclaiming their good name. The results of identity theft are damaging; you lose out on job opportunities, or you can’t get a loan for education, housing or cars. Sometimes you may even be arrested for crimes that you’re not guilty of committing, all because somebody else’s is using your information fraudulently.

Nothing beats identity theft and fraud than awareness. Now that you know how susceptible you are to this prevalent crime, your next step is to make sure you and your family is protected. Peace of mind is important. Visit Shop Shield, a new consumer service offering complete protection against identity theft and fraud when you shop online. This is a free, new, unique complete, and cutting edge privacy solution to protect your identity when shopping online. It’s guaranteed that your credit card numbers, bank accounts, billing address, email address and login information will never be compromised.

To learn more about Shop Shield and how you can protect yourself from identity theft and fraud please visit their site. You’re not helpless and they can help you.

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