Thursday, May 29, 2008

SocialSpark Is Live

Yes bloggers of the world! SocialSpark is now live…yes, alive and kicking. I have signed up with them already and if you haven’t done so, I think it’s about time.

What I like about SocialSpark…hmmmm…a lot actually. I like the idea that you can prop other profile and leave comments to the advertisers. I also like the idea that you can gain many friends. SocialSpark is a one big community. And of course the bloggers and advertisers are amazing.

What I don’t like…just one. You have to request slots for an opportunity, if you’re not lucky enough to get it while it’s still available.

How IZEA can make it better for me and maybe for the others too who are still not used to this ‘waiting for slot’ thingy, is to make this straightforward. If it’s not available, then so be it. If it can be taken, let it be.

But as a whole, SocialSpark is very unique and creative. Please check out my profile and maybe you can give me a prop.. By the way, this is a new term for me, ‘prop’. Thanks to my friend Mira for letting me know what it means. Let me know what you think about this new craze, ok?