Friday, May 30, 2008

My Favorite Shoe Online Store

SocialSpark would like to know what advertiser I would like to see in their site and why.

I would say my favorite online shoe store, Zappos. Why? First of all, they carry my favorite brand. And shipping is free. If the shoes wont fit you, you can always order another size and you have 14 days to return your first order. Zappos has the best customer service. They make it sure that you’re satisfied with your order. When you call them your call will be answered in just a few minutes. And you get to talk with a live person, not a recording. I know how disappointing it is to call a number and you have to press so many keys and you have to say words or phrases and sometimes, sentences.

I’m sure all shoe lovers will love Zappos, I mean, who wouldn’t? The site is very user-friendly and did I mention that they ship your shoes overnight? I can say that Zappos is the ultimate shoe online store. I hope SocialSpark can have them as one of their advertisers so they can reach more customers. I have made several orders with them already and each time I was always satisfied.

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