Saturday, May 31, 2008

DepositNow Makes Your Life Easier

Since 2004, DepositNow have been helping businesses make bank deposits online. This is a very convenient new technology that lets businesses deposit checks from the comfort of their office. Depositing checks have never been easier, thanks to the DepositNow software. This software that processes checks runs on their data center, not your hard drive. To make your work easier, no software installation is required but you must be connected to the Internet to scan checks.

DepositNow can also be used by banks. Sign up with DepositNow and offer the service to your clients. They will handled the logistics for you and this will save you money in the process since you don’t have to buy or maintain any expensive new equipment. For your security and peace of mind, the date centers of DepositNow are FDIC certified.

DepositNow have their clients in mind. They have developed a scanner for half the price ($225) that also works as a regular scanner. It can process approximately 10 checks per minute. Depending on the volume of checks you process, you can get a single-feed scanner which is ideal if you have a small volume of checks. For larger volumes, a hopper-fed model will save you time.

DepositNow is a wholly owned division of BankServ, which has been designing electronic payments systems for banks and businesses around the globe since 1996.

And here’s a little tip. If you sign up now with DepositNow for their online deposit service you will get $25 off the price of a scanner just by entering my blog’s name as a promo code. If you any questions about their products and services please email

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