Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Get REAL With IZEARanks!

A new blog rank tool was launched by IZEA just recently. This new ranking tool called IzeaRank is very special since it weighs your blog according to its uniqueness. Your blog is scored daily based on your daily unique visitors (70%), daily inbound links (20%) and by daily page views (20%). It is helpful to note that all advertisers take into major consideration all these factors to get an overall view of your blog.

To get started all you have to do is register for RealRank at http://izearanks.com/ then you can start tracking your blog’s stats. This is the first online tool that measures the traffic and influence of blogs specifically.

I registered with IzeaRanks two weeks ago and knowing where I stand in the blogosphere is a great experience. Regardless on where your blog stands compared to other blogs, the daily ranking of RealRank always keeps you on your toes. It will keep you writing about things that matter and have relevance to our daily existence.

In the IZEARanks site you can check the top 100 blogs. Whenever I have the chance I read the blogs after seeing them on IZEARanks and I learn from these blogs tremendously. How did they end up on the top 100 list? I have found out that they write about things that people want to read and know. So what message did it give me? Of course to do exactly what they did with every inch of originality and respect to others creativity.

So what are you waiting for? To know where you stand among your contemporary bloggers check out the IZEARank site and know what your blog’s real rank is. You can simply install the needed code and get your blog’s RealRank. You don’t have to wait for what seems like forever to know how you fare in the blogosphere.

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Imelda said...

Friend, its a great post here. Is this a paid post? Im thinking that u got a $50 for this opp, hehe. Very informative.